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A network of trails connecting communities throughout the Columbia River Gorge is part of Friends of the Columbia Gorge's “Gorge Towns to Trails” initiative and was originally conceptualized in the Management Plan for the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge has hired a team of consultants to initiate community outreach and engagement for the Mosier to The Dalles Project. This work will focus on informing and soliciting feedback from interested parties of the concept of a trail that would connect the communities of Mosier and The Dalles.

The goal of this process is to identify a preferred corridor for an approved trail between Mosier and The Dalles that reflects local and regional values while identifying and documenting potential issues. We will focus on existing approved and unapproved trails and parking areas, land ownership, terrain, environmental resources, historic and cultural resources, and other values as they are identified. 

At the end of the public engagement process, consultants will produce a Final Report that summarizes the process, public outreach and community representatives' engagement, and the preferred concepts. The report will include a draft list of amenities and proposed locations for amenities, including bicycle parking, seating, and others. The report will also include a summary of opportunities and constraints, next steps, and implementation recommendations.

As much of the proposed area for a trail between Mosier and The Dalles falls on National Forest System Lands within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, the U.S. Forest Service will review all relevant materials, including the Final Report, and consider next steps. These steps may involve further environmental analysis, tribal engagement, and public engagement. If scenic, natural, cultural and community concerns are addressed, and funding is secured, it is likely that this process will lead to the creation of a vital addition to the Gorge’s recreation trail system.


We are studying the area between Mosier and The Dalles south of U.S. 30 (Historic Columbia River Highway) and north of Seven Mile Hill Road.

Please click or tap the arrows to view the study area closer. 

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For over three decades, public agencies and private land trusts have acquired land in the area between Mosier and The Dalles, in part, because of the extensive recreation opportunities.

There are currently very few approved trails in this area. At the same time, visitor use—and associated impacts—are increasing. This process will seek to identify an official trail corridor, trail uses, accessible trailheads, and other features that eliminate or mitigate natural resource or societal impacts while providing a world-class recreation experience.


This project is being led by Friends of the Columbia Gorge in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service, with support from a team of consultants. The project team will be working with area Tribes, Wasco County, the City of Mosier, the City of The Dalles, local community representatives, and other interested parties or individuals.


We expect this outreach and public engagement project will be completed in Fall 2024.

  • Public Engagement and Community Representative Involvement: Ongoing

  • Existing Conditions Analysis: Summer 2023 - Winter 2023/2024

  • Concepts Development and Analysis: Winter 2023/2024 – Summer 2024

  • Final Report: Summer - Autumn 2024

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